Capable Minds, is a fully online practice only. Originally established on Capel Street, Dublin for over 12 years by psychotherapists Robert Byrne and Sarah Gilligan. Brought together by a shared vision of a modern and dynamic practice that prioritises effective and dynamic therapy for individuals, couples and groups with empathy and life experience at its foundation. 

The heart and soul of our work is informed by our lived experience and personal involvement within the lgbtq community here in Ireland and overseas.

We strive to help people live more enriched lives with truly excellent therapeutic practices. 



Capable Minds identifies as a practice of choice, dedicated to the building of healthy empowered lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and non-binary communities. Through exploring and pushing the boundaries of understanding self-exploration.


Working closely with qualified psychotherapists allows for close exploration of thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that affect your life negatively. We provide therapeutic support within a safe, confidential environment.


Here you are free to explore and understand thoughts, beliefs and behaviours in order to resolve your life conflicts. You will begin to experience choice and a capacity to see and feel decisions differently.


By being held in an empathetic and understanding space while engaging in your process brings you step by step closer to a you where you feel empowered and on the path to growth a deeper connection with yourself and a feeling of well-being.

WORKSHOP (Jan ’24/Feb ’24) Closed 
Creating Self Esteem & Confidence

How to be An Adult: Finding a Therapist

This week, ‘How to be an Adult’ is all about finding the right help! Our Show Pro today is Sarah Gilligan, psychotherapist with Sarah knows the importance of finding the right therapist for the right person and is here with some advice on how to do that! Sarah also helped listeners with their questions!

LGBT+ sex in the COVID era

Let’s talk about the afterparty

“Much like the ebbing and flowing of life within the natural world, the processes of our psychological and psychotherapeutic growth are dynamic and non-linear in essence. The work that we do here holds each client with their individual complexities while recognising the relationships with their minds, bodies, sexual, emotional and behavioural worlds.”

Capable Minds is a great space and location. So central. Sarah and Rob are both friendly and helpful. The building is quiet and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this space for workshops, group sessions and offsite meetings. Ideal.

—Lee M


Low Cost counselling available upon request – unwaged, low income, medical card and students.

We are an LGBTQ+ affirmative practice that enables and supports low cost therapy for the community.
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