With life comes challenges and unknowns in our path. So why not make use of every resource we have to best navigate it?

Whether emotional, sexual, social, behavioural or generalised issues, we provide a supportive space to work through these difficulties. Sarah and Rob have cultivated positive sexual, racial, gender and intersectional identities at the core of our beliefs.

If this is a new experience for you, think of therapy simply as a genuinely supportive, non-judgmental, and secure space for you to process your thoughts. It’s a place to gain insight through self-exploration, attain scientifically validated skills, and become your most actualized self. Everything you say stays within the room (which just might be the most amazing thing about therapy – the freedom to speak your mind with no reservation, judgment, or worry).

People come to session at varying times in their lives and for various reasons. If you are thinking about speaking to someone and find yourself hesitating, go with your gut. It is often our fears and misconceptions that keep us toeing outside the therapy door.

Individual Therapy

Accessing therapy takes courage to start to deal with whatever it is you may face. You may find that you are most in need of speaking to someone when your stressors have become too much for your current coping skills to handle. Whether the experience of distress is due to relationships, career, circumstances, intimacy issues, sexuality issues, faulty coping mechanisms, environmental anxiety, addictions or dependence, anxiety, past abuse or difficulties in emotional wellbeing accessing therapy gives you a regular time to think and talk about the issues, and learn new skills to live a more full, connected and capable version of you.

Some of the most frequent questions we hear are-

  • How do I “get over” this?

  • Why do I feel like this?

  • Should I break up with her/him/ them?

  • Are my expectations faulty?

  • Is this what I really want to do with my life?

  • How do I cope better with life stress?

  • How do I put my mind at ease and lower anxiety?

  • Can our relationship get any better?

  • Can I learn better ways to deal with stressful family situations?

  • How can I separate from my partner?

Here at Capable Minds we provide the space to reflect on the process  built on the highest ethical standards, care and respect for our clients, research based and lifetimes of experience.

Individual sessions costs €60-€80

Couples/ Relationship Therapy

People often ask when you should come to couples therapy: Our advice, “At the latest, you want to come in when things are at a simmer. You don’t want to wait until they’re at a boil.”

Relationships are as complicated as they are as diverse as the people they are made up of. Whether that’s two, three or more people. The way we show up in our relationships (who we’re attracted to, how we relate, how we get our needs met, how we don’t, how we bottle things up, how we push people away) has everything to do with the story of the relationship. With our years of experience as therapists relationship therapy allows clients gain insight into their relational style and how to deepen the way they connect to each other, helping them gain a deeper understanding of how they engage with each other and within other types of relationships.

Couples/ Relationship therapy sessions cost €100-€140:


Both Sarah and Robert run groups that are both open and closed.

Groups are such an effective and powerful tool when fully utilized. A group gives you the rare opportunity to answer relational questions. Your group is there to be open with you and tell each other the truth all in the name of growth, while facilitated by therapists with a wealth of experience and care.

All of our groups are time-limited process groups for clients seeking space to grow interpersonally by making room to discuss their inner experiences. but seek the challenge for more depth, closeness, and satisfaction within them. These groups took the leap and adopted amazingly onto online platforms for the duration of the pandemic.

For inquiries into groups or workshops, beginning soon, email us HERE